For our founders, a lifelong friendship and a single spark kindled the fire of a lifetime.  

Our founders, Abdullah Al-Lafi, and Salem Al-Hajery, began with a dream: to achieve   greatness by delivering the most innovative, high-quality solutions, combined with unparalleled attention to detail and world-class customer service. They combined this ambition with an emphasis on building partnerships that last, to create the Seventh Dimension company that our customers know and love today.


Abdullah Al-Lafi knew that the future had arrived when he experienced the original iPhone in his own hands in the early 2000s. From that moment, he began his journey into mobile accessories and went out to find the products that awakened his instinct of perfection. Almost a decade later, the efforts of Abdullah and Salem are clear: Seventh Dimension is recognized as the leading partner, spearheading the introduction of innovative technologies in the region.


A word from our founders:


We built Seventh Dimension to be a sanctuary for quality devices, and to deliver the best and most innovative solutions to our customers. - Abdullah Al-Lafi