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WixGear Magnetic Windshield and Dashboard Mount

Brand: WixGear SKU: Clear-Dashbord-113

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Product Code:Clear-Dashbord-113

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    Easiest Mounting System ever! WizGear Magnetic mount made with strong magentas, which will hold most smartphones Including Apple iPhones, Blackberry, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Droid, and Nokia.
    No more inserting it in a mount with hassle! Just place it next to the mount and the magnet will it pull it fast without taking you away your eyes from the road!
    Very easy installation! Just attached the mount to the windshield or to the dashboard, put the magnet between your phone and your phone case or stick on the round magnet to your phone, and you are done!
    Made of strong materials and designed to help the user to place their phones for safe holding or quick one hand use while driving. The magnet is strong so the phone will never drop.
    WizGear Made with innovation, comes with a reversible technology that allows extra support to device, if wanted. - WIZGEAR Adjustable and rotatable so that the user can quickly use their phone

    1. Sticks on your dashboard or windshield
    2. Extra-long arm

    1. Durable design
    2. Secure grip

    1. Makes GPS easier to use
    2. Doesn't scratch your phone

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